Lemon Oak Tree (LOT) productions was founded by Naomi Kyle and Memo Macalpin. Current projects being produced are Virtual Reality- 360 and Original Shorts for New Media streamed on various platforms. LOT also produces and finances features intended for a wide range of audiences. Focusing on thrillers, comedies, action and superhero films. LOT seeks to create franchise properties that will generate derivative content across multiple platforms and media.


Naomi Kyle is a founder and producer for Lemon Oak Tree productions. With a long history as an actor, on-air talent, influencer and having worked in video production for over 5 years (and counting) having produced more than 1500 pieces of content. Naomi’s sole purpose in life is to bring the funnies and introduce something truly unique and refreshing to the industry and the entire world. With running LOT and a deep desire to build up a repertoire of nothing but epically engaging content, Naomi has assembled a league of passionates alike to help in making videos that are as much fun to create as they are awesome to watch.


Memo Macalpin is a founder and producer for Lemon Oak Tree productions. Memo has been in the industry for over 17 years and is a lover of all things entertainment. After watching his first movies, a double feature of Star Wars & The Muppet Movie at a drive-in theatre in San Francisco, CA, Memo decided he would forever be involved in the biz and he has spent his time producing fun digital media for lovers of short content, virtual reality and establishing brand partnerships to go along with LOTs projects.